Wednesday, May 31, 2023

25 Affirmations to Activate Your Immune System

1.I give the green light to my immune system.

2.I am willing to be at peace with myself and my body.

3.I stop, and redirect my mind to positive thoughts, knowing that each time I form a stronger pattern..

4.I have amazing self-healing possibilities.

5.I am open to healing now.

6.I vow to proactively create my bold healthy positive reality each and every moment of the day.

7.I choose to live bravely.

8.In spite of any situation, I can shift my mind and my heart to a healing mindset. I can and will do it.

9.My body is built to regenerate and heal, and it is regenerating and healing now.

10.My mind moves in line with my body’s natural self-healing vector.

11.I open the door now to a greater flow of healing into my life, and so it is.

12.My body has compensatory mechanisms for all situations.

13.I hereby release and let go of any negative energy from the body, I let it go, and I see it slide away forever.

14.If I get knocked down, I get up again. That’s how I am. Resilient.

15. I assume that my health is on track.  I make that assumption and put a smile on my face.

16.Nature, the force that created me and gives me life is always bringing me to perfect health.

17.My body says yes to wellness, my body says yes to health.

18.Quickly, and in its ideal time, health regenerates and continues.

19.I feel the innate power of my healing expand as I simply recongize it. 

20.I am grateful for this physical body’s ongoing quest to thrive.

21.Just knowing that health is natural, regeneration is happening all the time, makes me feel peaceful, confident. and that my default state of perfect health is directing the show

22.Calm and brave are the two words I become, calm and brave describe my attitude. 

23.I drop negative thoughts, I see them as written on a piece of paper that I crumple up and toss away for good.

24.My body’s tenacious will to health stabilizes and brings me to a managible equalibrium.

25.I let go of any perceived pain or disease, I deemphasize it, simply by relaxing the body,  it becomes less and less, as I follow any sensations of well being.

The Most powerful Healing Affirmation--Healing Mantra--RESULTS

 I love body healing. The Most powerful Healing Affirmation--Healing Mantra--RESULTS

When was the last time you told your body that you would appreciate its healing? . How many of your thoughts actually express to your body what you would like it to do.  When was the last time you had a deeply positive, or even non-negative thought or emotion towards your body’s health?I love body healing is like finding the exact words your body needs to hear to reverse a negative trend, and hitting that button again and again to create a positive spiral of healing.

I love body healing is the most powerful affirmation for healing. You can repeat it over and over silently in your mind, like a mantra or prayer. It's powerful because it works as an antidote to the stress and fear, reactive thoughts. You counteract the mindset that sets the stage for the disease, and reverse it and go towards health.  In neurological terms, it shifts your mind from being led by the sympathetic fight or flight informed thoughts, to a calm nervous system. You stop becoming complicit in creating disease with constant stress and fear,  and you become an ally  in your body’s self healing. 

In repetition of this mantra, you are giving your body the mental green light for healing. We know that positive or negative thoughts affect the body, as the brain communicates with the body’s nervous system, affecting  the organs, production of stress hormones like cortisol. ,  but of all the thoughts you have during the day, how many are actually encouraging your body to heal?  Sometimes it's so hard to take that sliver of hope, when you are feeling down and defeated,  and open it up into optimism. But with this mantra you can actually take a mental-physical state of sickness and rapidly change it to positive health within minutes. This mantra is like a magic lever to wellness.


Just ten minutes of  repeating “I love body healing” out loud  or silently in your mind is the best possible investment of 10  minutes of time because you cut to the chase: the essential powerful message, love of body, the desire to heal, and simply repeat that same message to make the intent stronger. You can repeat, I love healing, casually, without effort, to stabilize your thoughts and balance the nervous system. Or You can go deeper into these words, merging your emotions with the meaning of the words. The “I” puts your consciousness on your mind, directing you to the seat of the self, love opens the heart, evoking love and heart energy, good feelings and connotations, Body, put your mind on the body, that which is below the head. Healing? What does that suggest to you?  Regeneration. Creation of newness,  re-invigorating, rising up from a stasis to an active state. As you practice the words I love body healing, you build the strength of the meaning of the words. The powerful combination brings a miniature wave of healing over the body, each and every repetition,   and it gets more powerful over time because the words sink in, the meaning sinks in. You create this powerful medical  tool, out of mere words.

And you can personalize the mantra to your own particular issue by using the specific body part, such as I love stomach healing, I love skin healing. I love liver healing…And so on.

 Practice this phrase over and over so that the healing state evoked by I love healing becomes natural, so you can sense the physical reality of encouraging your body to heal, so that it feels true. You may, at the beginning, find it internally strange to say I love healing, because perhaps love seems too strong a word to relate to your body, because you are used to thinking in the negative: I hate being sick, poor me---this indicates the emotional blockage to self healing. The way to overcome the blockage is keep practicing, constant repetition of I love healing until it feels smooth and natural in your mind and body. Become so congruent with I love healing, and the healing energies will flow through your body.  It may become that , any time of day later,  the phrase will just pop into your mind automatically and you will smile because it will feel 100% true. That's when you know you have truly internalized the “I love healing” mantra 

 If you are currently battling illness, and have a hard time imagining love and healing through pain or discomfort, just start this mantra. All thoughts add up, all thoughts have cumulative effects. You can start using “I love body healing” repeatedly even without the ability to muster positive emotion at the beginning. Blast through your pain and negativity with just simple repetition. The real power of this mantra is that it works when you are so desperate, so down, and only a sliver of hope is all you can muster.  Just say it in your mind, for 10 minutes and just keep going.  You don’t need to sit in any way. You can be in bed, or walking around. Mantras or repeated prayers naturally have a natural calming effect on the mind, and balance the nervous system, because you interrupt the flow of negative thoughts.

  If you have no illness, “I love healing” still has amazing effects in improving your health and happiness, because you are green-lighting health, you are telling your body that you care that it is healthy . It is preventative medicine.  Mantra repetition is an excellent way to fall asleep, and can help control insomnia. If you want to go a few steps further with the mantra, You can go through each part of your body, part by part, directing your “I love healing” message to that part. Mentally send “I love healing” To your organs, to your blood, any limb, any cell, any area of disease,  or area of the body you would like to be healthier. “I love healing” works on psychological healing as well. It can liberate your mind from any current negative emotions, traumas, and past negative memories, because you change negative feelings with the positive energy force you generate with I love healing, disrupting long standing neural pathways or emotional blockages. Simply repeat the “I love body healing” mantra while you are in an emotional state that you wish to improve. Before and after you wake up, during the day when you are relaxing, or anytime you have time use the “I love healing” and you will feel how great it works. The more you do it, the more powerful the effects get, because your body gets the message, wow, you really do love healing. Use the mantra to heal others: You can also think about people that you know and direct “I love healing” to them, sending them healing vibrations, that will also positively flow through you. When you send healing to others, there is a bonus effect of healing yourself. You can even send I love healing to people who you don’t get on with and the positive energy will repair relationships. 

How to get started? Sit or lay down comfortably, and simply repeat in your mind, “I love body healing” continuously, as slowly or quickly as you want, whatever feels right to you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Energy Healing and Hypnosis for faster Covid-19 Recovery?

 Energy healing modalities such as reiki, and San Jiao Qigong,  as well as relaxation hypnosis, which can be done at a distance, can help a recovery program from covid-19, and particularly be helpful for  long lasting symptoms.

The CDC in a study of comorbities, listed "anxiety" as second highest correlation to Covid-19 death. This means, the less anxiety one has, the less chance of this comorbidity affecting one's survival rate. This is not a bold assumption made by alternative medicine practitioner, but proven science. 

Relaxation guided meditation and hypnosis, which allow the mind and body to counter anxiety and bring anxiety levels down,  therefore are a good, simple natural aid to getting better.

Energy healing works in a different way, to achieve a similar end. Balancing the energy body can be another route to relaxation. 

We are not saying energy healing or hypnosis is the magic cure, but it certainly can help bring anxiety levels down, which enhance the body's ability to restore itself.

Here is a link to an article which further describes the mind-body healing link concerning meditation and Covid:

Saturday, September 18, 2021

 Personalized Hypnosis Session: MP3 Recording Customized for your Needs. If you have purchased already, THANK YOU, and please read below for next steps.

Instructions to help create your recording:

I will create and record a Hypnosis session for you based on your requirements and topic. This includes personalized  professional script writing, vocal recording, audio editing, background music. 

It includes a relaxation (hypnosis induction) and then the text messaging that you want. If you have followed my work, you know that I love content rich hypnosis, to make the hypnosis message as strong as possible, to imprint the subconscious mind.

For this I need to gather as much specific information as possible about your needs and expectations, two options.

1. You can write it out and send an email (

2. We can have a short 15 minute information gathering session by Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp etc.

After I have the necessary information, I will compose  your hypnotsis.

Depending on my schedule, it will be completed be done from 2 days to  14 days, normally. 


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Powerful Hypnosis to stop eating for 24 hours. Fast for one day hypnosis

Visit our Download Store to see all of  audio mp3 downloads.

 Fasting is the perfect way to lose weight. Fasting is natural and normal for the human organism. Instead of digesting food, our body can spend its energies on detoxification, repair, cleansing of cells, disease.  Fasting is a spiritual activity because instead of engaging in the pleasure-seeking activity of eating, you deliberately eschew it, and your body and mind naturally come into a higher balance.

At Trigram healing, we are supporters of one day fasting and  also extended fasts. Download our one day fasting hypnosis here or go to the download store on this site.

One day fasts are a valuable method of cleansing that is embedded within many spiritual traditions and major world religions. It is one of nature's gifts to our bodies that we can go without eating for days, and during that time, the organism cleans and repairs, rids itself of potential disease.

Many books have been written on fasting, and  many people have been waking up to the simple science of fasting. On YouTube, many people have been sharing their personal results of fasting, and inspiring others to get past their irrational fears, based of decades of misplaced beliefs.

Then came Nobel prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi and his work on autophagy, who has changed mainstream opinion on fasting, from one of mistrust to support. He revealed how, during fasting, the body will consume itself with amazing intelligence, starting with all the unnecessary cell matter, such as waste or mutated cells. In the presence of food, the body does not naturally go into cleaning mode.  While fasting however, the liver releases ketones and the body goes into a natural cleansing state.Fasting is the cheapest, surest method of regaining health for many, many problems.

Bring in the obesity trend that has reached epidemic proportions, and still growing. Obesity is the major issue of our age, and the root cause of heart disease, diabetes and many "autoimmune" issues. Fasting seems to be the simple and easy "cure" for one of our greatest social problems. It is free, it only requires resolved mindset. Mindset and resolve is where this hypnosis can give you help.

This hypnosis is so powerful that it was removed from YouTube.  I expect that you use this hypnosis wisely. Therefore, please educate yourself on fasting, read the literature, watch all the videos from the best experts, check the most up to date research. For extended fasts,  consider doctor's assistance in monitoring your vital signs. I have made this hypnosis available because I believe in fasting, I believe in the power of fasting to cure and heal, to create wellness and happiness.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Attract Your Dream Job With These Powerful Affirmations

The search for a job can really challenge  patience and self-esteem. It seems that everyone else has a place in society, reason to get up in the morning, and money to buy all the necessities of life, but the job searcher can feel lost and out of the loop, worried and depressed at the same time.

Affirmations fill you mind with positive thoughts so you don't have time to worry. Affirmations help get you the job because positive expectations pull you there. Affirmations change a neutral or negative outlook to a positive outlook, giving you that extra edge in your job hunt.

Affirmations focus on 3 major areas:

-Self-Confidence during job search
-Manifesting employment
-Manifesting a confident smooth job interview
-Manifesting a dream job with law of attraction

Play my video before you go to sleep, or during the day.  The relaxing tone is hypnotic, soothing for your subconscious mind, maximizing the impact of the affirmations.

 I have a magical vibration to work happily in my dream job.
I’m always right where I need to be.
 I find it easy to network with others
 The Universe is making all the perfect arrangement for my dream job.
I boldly go after what I want in life.
 My ideal employment is coming to me right now.
Every day I become more confident and more assertive as I experience trials and challenges.
I deserve to work in a dream job.
I have found my dream job.
I choose to enjoy the process.
 I am well-paid and having a rewarding job.
I am open to new ideas, people and situations in life that enhance my life.
 I am happy to work with a good boss and great team-mates.
I have faith in my patience and tenacity.
 Everyone around me is helping me to go from success to success at my dream job.
I will always believe in myself and my ablility to succeed.
 My new chosen career offers great freedom and reward.
 The universe is leading me to my dream job.
I am becoming one step closer each day to landing my dream job
I will attract my dream career
I am learning and growing every day.
I express myself wisely.
I am finding myself more qualified to do the job I wish
I am turning into someone who is hard working and motivated
I am turning into someone who leaves others wanting to work with me
I will develop the skills needed to achieve my dream job
I will do whatever it takes to get the job I want
I am becoming more confident by the day
I am transforming into a networking machine
I will become open to opportunities to achieve my dream job
Others see me as someone who is hard working and competent
I find networking with others easy
I have all the skills I need to get my dream job
I find it easy too remain calm under pressure
Being confident is the most natural thing in the world.
I am a valauble contributor to any company.
Others are always telling me I should come work with them
People see me as someone who goes after what they want
Being open to new opportunities has improved my life
When I look in the mirror I see a self-confident person looking back.
I am so ready to be at my new job.
Job opportunities are on the way to me now!
I am able to take risks and try new things.
I have a wonderful job for me which i love and enjoy.
I am open to positive changes.
I breath in calmness, and radiate confidence.
The right job for me and I are being brought together now
My ideal job is entering my life right now.
I have found the perfect job for me to be happy and restore my work/ home life balance - from this everything else is clicking into place.
Jobs find me.
Wonderful opportunities unfold before me.
I never give up and I try all possible ways.
I have integrity. I do what I say.
Jobs flow to me in a steady stream.
Fulfilling, well-paid jobs are flowing to me now.
I choose to be positive.
I give thanks for my new job that is financially rewarding
I am now attracting a fabulous job for fabulous pay!
I always meet challenge with confidence.
I have a strong sense of self worth that underpins my outward confidence.
I willingly jump at opportunities.
There are lots of job offers coming my way.
Every new day is new opportunity; I chooose to wake up feeling empowered.
I am a unique person with much to offer.
My powerful mind guides me to prosperity.
Jobs come to me easily and naturally.
I allow myself to feel successful, now.
I believe accompling my goals is possible.
Believing in myself is a choice I choose to make.
I am now hired for a wonderful, interesting, well paying job.
I gratefully accept empowering ideas.
I am a magnet for success.
Others see my self confidence.
I step outside my comfort zone and meet new challenges.
I trus myself to make good decisions.
I am now working fulltime at a wonderful, new, well-paying job.
Challenges are opportunities for growth.
Every step I take opens more of my path in life.
I AM now fulfilling my destiny working in the perfect job and industry for me.
I have a wonderful job that brings me a ever flowing abundance of wealth, happiness, security and the freedom to express exacly who I amt
Everything I do brings me closer to my right employment, and I look forward to each new day with joy, knowing that my dream job is mine now and is already on its way to me. And so it is!
There is plenty of work for everyone who wants to work, and my perfect job is waiting for me to claim it.
I have enormous confidence that I can handle anything.
An amazing job oppurtunity falls into my lap today
Now it is the most appropriate time to find a a good job.I am ready to work for a wonderful job.And my job is permanent
When it is time for a new job, the opportunity presents itself easily.
I am open to exploring possibilities of a new job future
I am worthy of any job I apply for.
My new job that I will love is on its way!
I am confident and courageous.
I have unlimited power.
The more I apply myself, the more I succeed.
I am a great learner, I can adapt to the job I apply for with ease.
I completely love and approve of myself, and I recognize my uniqueness.
Clear, positive thought relating to the job and circumstances I wish to have, allows it to come into my life
i have amazing job opportunities that are perfect for me to choose from
i am uncovering many amazing job opportunities that fit all my needs
My ideal job, is entering my life right now, and I joyously accept the generous offer
Every day I am learning and improving by every challenge.
I feel ok with my life right now even as I work toward future successes.
My perfect job is easily, lovingly, instantly & thankfully attracted & received by me now.
I have unlimited possibilities.
The perfect job is looking for me and we are being brought together right now.
When it is time for a new job, the perfect position presents itself easily
Opportunities are everywhere, I have unlimited choices I deserve to have a successful career and I accept it now.
I am good at job interviews
I am perfectly prepared
My vision of the future is full of success.
My resume is impressive
I am relaxed and calm
I am resourceful and creative.
I learn from every situation.
I am perfectly qualified for the position
I am confident and friendly
I meet life in a positive way.
I am a great worker who deserves to get a great job.
I rise to challenges.
I communicate clearly
I always give a great first impression
I belive I have the right stuff.
I always smile and speak clearly
 No matter where I am there is only infinite good, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony and love
Job interviews are easy
I can give a job interview with total confidence
Great communication comes naturally to me
I can easily impress any interviewer
I thrive under intense interview pressure
My talents and abilities are impressive
I am charismatic.
My attitude is professional at all times
I truly believe that I deserve the job
I find it easy to be interviewed for a job
I am calm and confident; job interviews are easy.
I am perfect for this position; I am their ideal candidate.
I love job interviews, and my energy is contagious.
I impress interviewers; I stand out above the rest.
I am an excellent candidate, and I exude capability.
I always give a great first impression
I always smile and speak clearly
My qualifications and experience are matching with this position.
I give great job interviews
Good communication comes naturally to me
My talents and capabilities are impressive
I am flexible and open to change.
I allow myself to dream.
I always give a great first impression
My attitude is professional at all times.
I am worthy of receiving a great job.
I act as if I am already where I want to be.
I am successful in my interviews.
I love my world.
Motivation catipults me toward my goal.
I wake up with enthusiasm to start the day.
I can be successful in any job.
I possess the wisdom, the power, the motivation, the passion to accomplish anything I choose.
I accept abundance that is coming to me right now.
I am an asset to any organization and I prove it in the job interview.
An amazing job opportunity is on its way to me today.
An exciting new career prospect is on its way to me.
Employers are impressed by my talents and skills.
I am filled with energy and vitality.
Employers are impressed by my presentation and personality.
I make an extraordinary impression in interviews.
I have inner peace.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ultra Positive Affirmations

Sometimes you just want to feel really positive. Sometimes you just want to listen to something really positive because that is what your soul requires for nourishment at that instant. We all get enough of the negativity streaming into our lives through all media sources and human interaction. Very seldom are we exposed to extreme positivity, and even more seldom is that positivity directed at ourselves.

Maybe we are taught to be humble, to play down our success, to not let ourselves feel as wonderful as we are meant to feel. But we can, and we should totally immerse our mind and heart into positive vibrations.

With my latest production, there's no bandying around with just "coping" or "accepting" types of affirmations, that often seem to leave an aftertaste of negativity. This is going straight to the top, right to the pure stuff-- A life overflowing with joy, prosperity, love, abundance.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New mp3 audio downloads of Hypnosis and Affirmations Sessions.

I had this idea in the back of my mind for a long time already. I know that a person can watch the YouTube video for free, or even rip the audio from the the video if they wanted. But still, many people are so fair minded and willing to pay a few dollars for a mp3 bought legally. So I created a download page on a digital goods downloader

 Many people have asked to buy the audio downloads. So I made it easy for them. Gumroad is an awesomely simple interface, they make everyone look good.

Get the mp3 here:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Most Powerful Affirmation for Manifesting

I've gone through thousands of affirmations, and I finally found it. THE ONE.
HERE IS the most powerful affirmation. Say it to yourself outloud. Hear the positivity: "Anything is possible."

It opens up doors to your deepest hope or wildest fantasy. Say it to yourself: Anything is possible." Feel your emotions suddenly shift to the positive. Feel the power of this statement, "Anything is possible."

Now imagine something in your life that worries you, be it career, love life, health, etc. Notice how when you think about your problems, your emotions get stuck, like sticky glue. Feelings in the body turn negative, and energy gets stuck. "Anything is possible" opens the door again. Things can have a happy ending. Things can go wildly right. There is no point on replaying the negative in your mind and getting all emotionally and energetically stuck. Just let the energy flow by thinking "Anything is possible."

Person A just lost his job. He is worried about his finances, he is worried about finding a new job before the money runs out. Person A finds it difficult to have fun or sleep at night. Person A is stuck emotionally because he is focusing on the negative outcomes.

Person B is in the same situation, but person B is continuously thinking, "anything is possible." Person B starts going down the mental path towards a postive future outcome. Person B feels good, because he feels his dream job is out there and is in a state of faith.

If you think of a goal. Just one goal that you have. Imagine the goal. Now, while thinking of that goal, think "anything is possible." Notice how pictures start forming in your mind of a very positive outcome.  Notice how incredibly positive the outcome can be.

"Anything is possible" is the ultimate manifesting affirmation, because it opens the door to massive universal energy. It allows you to dare to dream. It puts your mind on the path to the best possible outcome, and you feel good doing it.